Major- General George B. McClellan Himself.

Major- General George B. McClellan Himself.
Looking rather snazzy, I do say.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

1861 Blog Post


November 7 , 1861

Finally! That old, washed up has-been has retired from military service, and six days ago I was promoted to General-In-Chief of all U.S Armies. While also personally leading the Army of Potomac, of course; however, such a task doesn't daunt an experienced military commander like myself, and all this promotion should do is further secure our eventual victory. I shall admit, these Rebs have lasted longer than I originally anticipated; however, I blame that fool of a general, Beauregard, for losing the Battle of Bull Run. How am I supposed to be blamed for the failures of my subordinates? Had I been in charge of that battle, the Union would be in control of Richmond by now and our grand nation would be mended! It makes no matter, I shall lead the U.S to victory in time, and patience will be necessary. I know these Southern ruffians, and I am convinced that their daft pride and arrogance shall lead them to attack the North, and all I will have to do is wait for their eventual act of folly. Patience! That is something that needs to be taught to my generals and that monkey in office, Lincoln; patience. They're constantly pestering me to go onto the offensive, yet they have no knowledge of the ways of war. They underestimate the numbers of the South; they just want the war to be over and care nothing for the grand levels of strategy that must be employed for the Union success. Thankfully, Lincoln has appeared to have some level of reason and gave me the General-In-Chief position over Scott, and I will make sure that him and the rest of the Nay-Sayers are shown the value of my defensive strategy as I defeat the Confederacy and return to my family a hero. Also, I have received a lot of talk of Lincoln promoting some up-jumped country man from Ohio to Major-General of the volunteers. It's absurd! The man takes a fort or two that would've been won easily by a flock of pigeons, and suddenly he's been hailed a hero of the North! It makes no matter; this "Grant" fellow won't be able to take all of the credit for long, for when the South finally slips up and charges, General George B. McClellan will be there to crush their rebellious ways and put an end to this foolish war once and for all. Mark my words.

Note: Apparently, this is our "National Hero". Looks more like a glory-hungry braggart, in my opinion.
 Engraving of young Grant in uniform

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