Major- General George B. McClellan Himself.

Major- General George B. McClellan Himself.
Looking rather snazzy, I do say.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

1862 Blog Post

Dedicated to the Spineless Monkey in Charge

November 7, 1862

Damn him! Damn him and all who support him! Damn his entire family, damn all that he cares for, and damn this pointless war! Who gives him the right? Who gives him the right to tell me how to fight a war, tell me how I made mistakes! I am a graduate of West Point! I should be ordering him in the ways of war! He's done it, that ape has finally done it; he's relieved me of duty! He had the audacity to inform me that our Union victory at Antietam wasn't good enough for him; all of the blood shed spilled and our decisive victory didn't suffice, and that I should have done even more to chase down Lee. Is the man mad? Is he some kind of blood-lusting lunatic who wishes for this war to take as many lives as possible? I had lost thousands of men! I, they, needed to recuperate. They required rest after such a battle. They were in no right mindset to try and continue the bloodshed by aggressively chasing Lee down. But no, Lincoln, our holy and righteous commander, truly knows what is best. He didn't need to be at the battle, for Lincoln is a god among us mortal men and is an all knowing being. At least, that's what the fool believes! I would've won this damn war! If he had just given me time, I could have finished Lee and his men, just if Lincoln had for once in his sad career as President given me patience. Is this how I must go back home to my family? A dishonored, humiliated man who was removed from command? This is the man that my children are supposed to respect and learn from? The husband that my wife is supposed to love?  It is an outrage! Perhaps my anger has gotten the best of me, perhaps there is some opportunity I have here, some way to retain my pride. Politics. That's what's left to me. If I am unable to lead men into battle, maybe I can run their country instead. I won't let this defeat from a cowardly man get the better of me; I will fight back! Perhaps being President is a role that will suit me better than guiding bloodshed on the battlefield, and perhaps it's time that a certain Commander-In-Chief be relieved of his duty. I've lost every battle, both on and off the battlefield to the demon that is Lincoln, but I won't lose this one. I will be president. I will win the election. And for once in my long and unfortunate career, I will stabilize this nation and make sure that I am remembered a legend!

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