Major- General George B. McClellan Himself.

Major- General George B. McClellan Himself.
Looking rather snazzy, I do say.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Enlistment Journal Blog

May 14, 1861

My First Days

It is official now, I, George B. McClellan, am now a Major General and the commanding officer in the Union Army. I expected it entirely of course, a proud graduate of West Point who also holds experience in the Mexican-American War is not easily passed up when the time comes to choose a commander, so it was only obvious that they grant this position of prestige and leadership to me. If I may be completely honest, I am not sure that I agree entirely with the rest of these Union Abolitionists, seeing how the Three-Fifths Compromise is proof that slavery is a principal upheld by the supreme law of the land, The Constitution. However, the idea that the South, or as they have taken to calling themselves, "The Confederacy", has any right to up and secede, to divide themselves from our great nation because they can't always get what they want, is downright unconstitutional and foolish! This war is nothing more than Southern arrogance, and if these uneducated Grayback hillbillies think they have any chance of winning any kind of war against the far superior North, they must be as stupid as they seem. I've already begun scrambling the thousands of Northern volunteers signed as recruits into training camps, and I will be sure that within months; I will have a fully drilled and disciplined military, prepared to squash these Johnny Rebs and restore the Union to its former glory. Nelly, my darling wife, and Max and May shall not have to wait long for the man of their household to return, because if my fellow generals agree with my grand and brilliant strategy of invading Richmond, then this war shall be over within a year or so. The Confederates do not have a single shred of hope against the North's superior numbers and my tactical ability, and my doubts will be destroyed when the real battles begin; I'm sure of it! For this is a chance for me to leave my mark upon the history of our beautiful nation, and I will make sure that I go down a National hero.

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